Soul Glow - Case Study.

My most rewarding and heart felt campaign came after an amazing 5 days at the Tony Robbins Business Mastery program in January 2018 in West Palm Beach.

Business Mastery is one the seminars Tony Robbins offers for high-achievers who want to employ leading and cutting-edge practices at their companies. Everyone is broken up into teams for the “Team Challenge.” The rules simple - your team is to provide value to those in the room while also helping the outside world.

I was honored to be on the Soul Glow Team led by the beautiful Jaqueline Franchetti, who had recently lost her 2-year-old daughter, Kyra. Now, part of Jacqueline's mission is to help change a badly broken family/divorce court system. Kyra’s story inspired us all to take action. Due to the nature of my business, I knew I could help by getting the word out nationally with the support of my amazing network of independent operators across the country.  

Within a 3-hour period, I had Kyra’s gorgeous face as well as information about the Kyra Franchetti Foundation posted across the country.  No formalities - just the help of some of the most wonderful people in the industry who were willing and able to help an amazing cause.

The results were astonishing.  

We won first place out of 2500 attendees and Tony’s first comment was how our team used billboards across the country to get our cause national attention.  As a result, awareness was raised about The Franchetti Foundation with people from across the country reaching out immediately to learn more.  Most of all, it was endearing to be able to make a difference and help turn this horrific family tragedy into hope for those who may be facing this unimaginable adversity in their lives.

People come into our lives for a reason, which has been a guiding light for me during my own professional and personal journey. Words cannot express the privilege it was to meet Jacqueline and to know about her angel – Kyra. My hope is that others continue to actively support their mission to help make the world a better, and safer, place for our children.

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